Affectionately known to clients and social media supporters as RemeD ( pronounced Remedy), the owner and creator of Fixd Roots  a full service holistic boutique that caters to the relationship needs of singles, couples, and families in the diaspora.

      Dubbed the remedy for those who seek to heal transgenerational traumas, date and marry with purpose, and delve into their healing journeys with grace and compassion, Dominique has quickly become a staple in the homes and hearts of many who value her abilities as a root worker, oracle, and intuitive therapist.  

     Equipped with wisdom well beyond her time here in this realm,  Dominique's intuitive insight, no nonsense approach, and critical analysis on love, heartbreak, and everything in between has many stating that she has  "cracked the code".  Combining her intuitive gifts, use of African spiritual practices and educational background in Psychology allows Dominique to take a holistic approach to identifying and healing the root cause of her clients most pressing concerns.


 Dominique continues to carve out  a space all her own while continuing to pursue her evolving passion and curiosity of  researching, restoring, and retaining black love in the Black man, woman, and family.