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B L A C K  L O V E // has always been at the root of our resilience, our tenacity, our strength, our families, and our  M A J I C K. 
It is my pleasure to reintroduce you to Fixd Roots Apothecary with new collections inspired by my  A N C E S T O R S

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Ms. M A G G Y S // h a n d s

Grams to me but you can call her Ms. Maggy, this collection is inspired by her swift and unapologetic protection, stern direction, and fierce power. This collection should be used prior to using any other Fixd Roots Apothecary products as it will cleanse, protect, reverse, remove and sweeten you and your werkings.

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C O U R T I N // g o a l s 

Mama & Poppop sittin in da tree,

K- I- S- S- I- N- G. Inspired by my great grandparents love story. This collection is for the lovers. Those who understand that come hell or high water, as long as you and your partner have each other, Gawd, da ANCESTORS, and some good ole conjure. There's no man or woman that can put yo union under.

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V I N A S // w i s d o m 

Big mama had one saying that she passed down to her girls. " Keep you a pair and a spare" this collection is for the single woman who isn't afraid to put herself first, demands respect, adoration, and knows the art of seduction and  keeps her options open when dating with zero regrets.