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A luxe spiritual studio for creatives & entrepreneurs

Calling all Spiritual Bawses.. I have scratched my creative itch, and I want to share these projects with you. You know me as a healer, intuitive oracle, and root worker.. .but baby... I am also a CREATIVE... here is the tea... see... I love being an entrepreneur, I especially love being a spiritual entrepreneur. I have failed at many businesses because I was trying to be everyone but myself. I paid for coaches, I ran the IG/FB ads and if I had a penny for every site I created for these failed businesses... chile... I'd be rich. The reality is, all of those L's(lessons) has prepared me for a time like this... to help you... Yes you... the serial procrastinator, the runner, the degree/certificate collector. I am here to help you get out of your own way, while simultaneously helping you create an online presence that tells your story. No I am not a marketing genius, nor am I a business guru. I am a girl who got it out the mud. I am persistent, I execute 99% of all my ideas, I tap my ancestral team for support, and I do not give up... I utilized my GAWD given gifts to birth Fixd Roots at the height of the pandemic, replaced my income as a Case Manger, and have helped clients and customers in cities/countries I've never physically visited myself. I am someone who bets on herself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY... Want to work with me, click the link below!



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